Well, the debate is over and all the analysts are spouting out their opinions about who said what better than whom (I have no idea if that is grammatically correct and I don’t care). 

The one word I have heard repeatedly tonight about Ms. Palin is…folksy.  Makes me wanna barf. 


This is so Movie of the Week starring Valarie Bertinelli.  Tonight, Lifetime presents a story of the impossible:  Hockey Mom of the National Mall. 

After the debate, you could see the die-hard Republican analysts choking on their own words commenting on how great she handled herself.  She was…remarkable…I have never seen anything quite like it…her folksy approach to foreign policy.  Well we just gotta get in there and have a bake sale!

Two words Ms Palin.  Non.  Sequitur.  You are random.  I think I’ll wear a hat!  Answer the question!  Get to the point!  She made me as uncomfortable as I get when watching Ben Stiller in anything.  You know how he always played roles where he’s being totally humiliated and it hurts to watch?


Again, I make my two points:

1.  What were they thinking when they picked her?
2.  What was she thinking when she accepted?

I’d love some of what they were smoking…or maybe not.  Scary.

4 Thoughts on “Folksy

  1. Zod, yes! The folksiness and the winks gagged me. And that kinda shit won’t play on the international stage. I also think there were times she was so obviously mindlessly regurgitating a script.

    A friend over on Facebook described Palin as “… that popular girl from school that pretended to be friends with everyone but in fact was full of shit.”

    I think that’s pretty spot-on.

  2. All of which is true, but really, until Cheney came along (and maybe, to a lesser extent, Gore) nobody really knew or cared what the Vice-President was like. Hell, we elected Spiro Agnew and Dan Quayle.

    For the Republicans, she proved she could be put on talking points and trusted to rattle on repeating them until time ran out. For now, that’s all they need. Nobody’s going to call her on her outright refusal to answer the questions asked (I had a hard time remembering any question she’d actually addressed before bouncing back to her talking points). What that tell me is the same scary behind-the-curtain people who keep Dubya on message (we have to keep the tax cuts to keep the terrorists from winnin’ cause either you’re for us or you’re against us and spreading freedom is the most important thing we can do for our economy, by freeing up businesses from paying any taxes) are the same ones drilling her – and they’ll have their hands all over a McCain/Palin administration.

  3. I didn’t know that winking was an important qualification for being VP.

  4. lurker on 04/10/2008 at 8:22 AM said:

    George Bush Senior – shot down (check)
    Bill Clinton – avoided draft (check)
    Dubya – avoided military combat (check)

    So I’m thinkin’ McCain will complete the succession of ironies.

    As for Palin, maybe they can get a shot of her wreckin’ a snowmobile.

    I ain’t no Repub strategist or nothin’, but maybe I’m onto sumthin’.

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