I voted already.  I picked “That One” and now I am living in fear and will continue to do so until the election is over. 

I fear Ms. Palin, will somehow continue to hold her subjects in a masterful hypnotic gaze and our country will make another four-year long mistake.  McCain will drop dead and she’ll become our next president.  Seriously, if McCain would have picked someone–something–else, I would have a much different outlook on this election but she’s super freaky and not in a Rick James way.

Don’t be fooled folks, she’s no pit bull with lipstick–she’s George Bush in drag.  That woman is about as intelligent as a coagulated booger smeared on a discarded Kleenex.  She evokes a feeling of hatred inside me–which makes me hate her even more.  Hatred is an emotion that only has an effect on the person doing the hating.  When I experience waves of hatred toward Ms. Palin (which, surprisingly, happens every time she opens her mouth), she doesn’t suddenly stop, grab her stomach and topple over with gut wrenching pain, I do.  It’s pointless to hate her.

But I can’t help it!

She is absolutely horrible.  $150,000 spent with GOP funds for her wardrobe?  Makes John Edwards’ $400 haircuts seem like chump change.  Today I saw her define elite as a state of mind — “just people who think that they’re better than anyone else.”

Wouldn’t you have to have the mindset of thinking you’re better than anyone else to run for the VP spot?  Don’t you think spouting out your personal agenda for our country is all about you thinking you’re better than the rest of us? As if you know what’s best?  Sarah knows best?  I just threw up in my mouth.

McCain’s campaign is flopping down the political road like a flat tire repeating the same fla-ba-pa-bah sound in a syncopated rhythm fading off into the distance.  Scary thing is how many people keep hanging on in support.  I just want to scream “The emperor is naked!”

How could anyone not see that with Palin?  Ms. Hockey Mom.  I don’t want a mom to be in the white house.  I had a mom growing up.  I don’t want to go through that again.  I hate her Mommy Politics and ©hristian™ values.  Oh and don’t even get me started on the travel thing.  She’s drunk with power and thinks she can do whatever she wants…hmmmm who does that sound like?  Where is George these days?

Don’t get me wrong, Obama is not perfect.  I don’t think he walks on water but I’ve seen him in action.  I like the way he carries himself.  He is clearly very intelligent and runs an excellent campaign.  McCain is tolerable at best but I’m sorry–no I’m not sorry–Palin just has to go away.  She will make us the White Trash States of America.  Just don’t look her in the eyes.  No matter what you do.  Avoid the eyes.

4 Thoughts on “And Now We Wait

  1. Bob D. on 24/10/2008 at 5:20 AM said:

    Cobban, you are spot on about the P chick. I feel exactly the same way and will be holding my breath until the election is over. After all, I was living in Florida, and voted, in the 2000 election. We all know how that went.

  2. Ummm, Cobban, I hate to tell you this but Obama CAN walk on water, he just hasn’t had time to demonstrate that yet.

  3. As you know, I live across the street from your sister. I have my two Obama yard signs pointed directly at her house.

  4. “She evokes a feeling of hatred inside me–which makes me hate her even more.”

    Can hatred suffer from redundancy? I’ll have to ask a Sith Lord about that one.

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