The real reason I got a motorcycle was to be able to wear leather chaps and not have it be a costume. Went on a nice long bike ride this weekend. You can feel the fall season coming. It’s getting cool and crisp. It was fantastic.

Ray and I splashed around in the pool yesterday as well. Then we put all the pool stuff away for the season. 🙁

Next week we are going to DC/NYC. I have to start planning. I have not even thought about what to do, where to go, what to wear…what will I wear?

I’m so looking forward to this trip. I’m also going to see my dad. Going to spend an afternoon with him and go to dinner. We have tickets to see a couple of shows in NYC as well.

Oh well, I better get ready for work. Ahhh…Monday.

6 Thoughts on “It’s All About The Gear

  1. I’m thinking you should wear the chaps…I mean they are broken in already…

  2. As long as I can wear pants as well. That whole chaps and a jock strap thing never works for me.

  3. Well, I dunno… I think the chaps & jock thing would work really, really well on you. But then I’m going from imagination here.

  4. I agree, the jock strap and chaps thing always looks silly.

  5. Yes, the chaps + jeans will work at Blowoff, as will just jeans and tee-shirt.

  6. OMG Blowoff! I can’t wait!

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