Yesterday morning, Ray and I went for a jog.  I was pushing myself to go at least a mile and a half without walking.  Halfway through our run, Ray asked “Don’t you have that meeting with the Chamber of Commerce this morning?”  Since Monday was a vacation day, I did not have the opportunity to see it on my calendar at work.  It startled me that I had forgotten.  I made a bee-line to the house and jumped in the shower.  While getting dressed, sweat was still oozing from my pores.  Here I was trying to look professional in my nice big-boy clothes and I could not stop schvitzing.

I raced out the door, drove to work, and made a quick appearance in the office.  Got back in the car,  drove to Old Bisbee and ran into the hotel where the meeting was being held.

It was the wrong day.

Today is my meeting.  There I was in the hotel lobby drenched in sweat feeling like a big sweatbomb.  Taking Monday off had me all turned around.  Today feels like it should be Thursday but alas, it’s only Wednesday.  I decided not to jog this morning.  At least I’ll be at my meeting on time and I’ll be dry.

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