Fla-boom right in our own back yard!Last night a sudden wicked thunderstorm hit Stolen Horseshoe.  Most of the time during our monsoon storms there is a flash which is subsequently followed by a boom.  That’s pretty much the pattern.  However, every once in a while there’s the storm that seems to posture itself directly on top of our house.  They produce fla-booms. 

The fla-boom is when the lightning hits the ground so treacherously close to where you’re standing that the flash doesn’t even have time to finish doing its thing before the boom rips through the air.  Fla-boom!

And here I am standing outside with electronic gear on a metal tripod trying to photograph it.

The storm was pretty spectacular.  My coworker who lives just down the road told me that her power went out at around ten o’ clock and was out for two hours.  I guess we got lucky. 

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