OK, I know I’m harping on and on about Sarah Palin but she somehow keeps managing to get hold of live microphones and video cameras.  I just don’t understand how any upright ambulatory free-thinking person be held captive by her psychotic rhetoric.  Sure, the Obama/Biden ticket isn’t for everyone and honestly, I can almost live with McCain (I am in Arizona ya know) but…Palin is a first class joke.  She keeps going after Obama and how anti American she thinks is yet her husband was a known member of the Alaskan Independence party which has pushed for years to secede Alaska from the US!  WTF Sarah? 

When asked if abortion clinic bombers are terrorists or not, Ms Palin,  A: launches into yet another tired rant about Ayers (That wasn’t the question Sarah!) and B: says “I don’t know if you’re gonna use the word “terrorist” there.”

Watch for yourself:

Um, yeah, Sarah…people who blow up abortion clinics are terrorists.  There’s no room to negotiate this fact.  Another fact: You’re a fucking idiot.

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