Well, Ray and I went out for some fun this Halloween.  I would have blogged about it yesterday but due to the amount of “fun” from the night before, I had to stay in a horizontal position for most of the day. 

I just can’t do “fun” the way I used to.

Ray was a sexy referee (dressed entirely in a tight spandex outfit–woof) and I was a Spartan.  Surprisingly, it was not all that cold in Bisbee.  (I had a vodka fueled buzz going on so how could I be cold?)

I think I had a really good time.  To tell the truth…I can’t really remember.  There were lots of people out and the music was good.  Lots of dancing going on. 

Check out some of the photos from my Flickr account.

3 Thoughts on “Halloween in Bisbee

  1. It looks like Bisbee was a blast!

  2. Looks like lots of fun! By the way, I may be back out your way (well, in a general sense… probably not as close as I was last trip) about Thanksgiving. Driving out there with some birding friends who are trekking through south Texas on the way back to Phoenix, and I may stay over in SE Arizona to do some more birding on my own. If y’all will be around I may have time to say howdy again or finally take you to dinner.

  3. Sorry I missed it!

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