The photo above is from this week’s Economist, a reputable U.K. news periodical.  Even they’ve endorsed Obama.  The whole world is holding its collective breath over this election. 

My apologies to Republicans (like my entire family) but you’ve had the White House for eight years and well, ya just gotta give it up.  Game over.  Like the cover says “It’s time.”  Just accept the fact that George and his cronies basically fucked everything up over the last eight years and it’s going to take a lot of time and effort (as well as your children’s–and their children’s–tax dollars) to fix things up.  It’s time to let someone else give it a try, even if–in your opinion–he doesn’t have the experience. (Like George did right?  Or wait, no, like Sarah does.  She’s so mavericky.)  My suggestion; go back, regroup and by all means abort Sarah Palin from your party and flush what’s left of her down the toilet.  How can anyone with a brain like her?  (you may also want to rethink that whole extreme hardcore Christian lets-turn-the-clock-back-to-the-1950’s-right-wing thing while you’re at it.  It’s never going to happen and I believe that mindset is turning your own people away.  Way to fracture the Republican Party even more Sarah!)

*I Predict: Obama will become our next president.  California’s Prop 8 will fail miserably as well as 102 here in Arizona.  On the local government front, our county treasurer and superintendent of schools (I worked for both of them) will be removed and replaced by their opponents with fresh new ideas and a willingness to actually work.  The day after Obama wins, the global economy will bounce back. (Ray tells me that this will probably happen no matter who wins because the overall uncertainty will be eliminated).

There have been great leaders throughout America’s history.  People who got things done and restored America’s sense of well being.  Maybe, just maybe, Obama is one of those great leaders.  He’s a very bright fellow and represents the real American.  Divorced parents, mixed race, owns only one house and he admits that he inhaled!  The one thing Obama doesn’t represent is Joe Sixpack.  Thank God!  That whole thing with the Republicans pandering to the “everyday American” or the “real America” made me want to barf.  Fuck, fuck, fuck you for that.  Obama/Biden speaks of unity and everyone being involved in repairing our great country while McCain/Palin speaks of “us and them”.  I am an everyday American living in real America!  I’m also a homosexual who thinks women should be able to choose what they do with their body.  I think we should be teaching children that a penis going in and out of a vagina at a high rate of speed (or any rate of speed for that matter) is more than likely going to result in pregnancy and in order to keep a young gal from being a mom at 16, you need to be taught how to use birth control because abstinence only doesn’t work!  Just ask Ms. Palin’s daughter–oh but we’re supposed to respect her family and leave that issue alone.

The whole Republican campaign made me feel left out (and kinda hated) and that’s probably why they’re going down the tubes because they’ve successfully alienated most of the country as well as their own party.  Great work Sarah!  It’s almost like you’re the Democratic Trojan Horse.  You got right in there and messed everything up which worked miracles for us Democrats.  Wink, wink, you betcha!  He he he heee…..

Please dear God, or Gods, or Heads of Lettuce, or whatever you believe in – make Obama our next president and send Ms. Palin back to Alaska forever.

*If this doesn’t happen, Ray and I are going to take our little chunk of land and decree it Cobbanstan – a clothing optional country. 

6 Thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. I’m so glad you and Ray aren’t evil Log Cabin Republicans. That makes me very happy.

  2. Eeww! I don’t know how you could be gay and Republican (unless you’re totally wealthy and own Manhunt and your company pulls in over two million a month–then I could see being afraid of Obama’s tax cuts even though you’d still be massively rich). Somewhere in the back of my mind, I remember the Republican Party being not so creepy right-wing. It’s changed–especially with Sarah and her you betchas.

  3. I know what you mean. All of my family vote Republican, too. My little brother (17 y/o) just set his FB status to say that he’d vote for McCain if he could. His reason: Obama wants to take away his guns. Mark, Zane and I are traveling there for the upcoming holidays. There’s a hateful proposition on the state ballot banning adoption by two unmarried people. They say it doesn’t matter if same-sex or not, but it’s an anti-gay measure. No doubt about it. Should be an interesting visit.

  4. Ramie on 05/11/2008 at 12:26 PM said:

    Actually, I said the stock market is likely to experience an immediate bump . . . the economy at large will take lots longer to straighten out.

  5. I had a huge smile on my face the entire time I watched your video. Hallelujah indeed.

  6. I’m actually hoping the repubs go with Palin next election. Nothing could be better for Obama to stay in office.

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