For the past fifteen years, Ray and I have attended events together for both of our families.  I cried at his father’s funeral, he laughed at my family reunion.  We have bought and sold property together and attended the same church in Chicago.  The two of us have volunteered for community organizations and collectively donated money to those in need.  We jointly pay our property tax and support local businesses by shopping for goods we use together.

His nieces and nephews refer to me as uncle.  My mom adores him because, according to her, she sees how happy he makes me–and that’s all a mother could want and more.

Ray convinced me to return to college at the tender age of thirty.  He sat with me at the dining room table while I pulled my hair out studying anything mathematical.  I got an A in algebra because of him.  Technically, I am a college graduate because of him (he begs to differ but there is no way I could have done it without his help).

I have brought him medicine and liquids when he was sick in bed.  He has put up with me forever being in the process of “finding myself” and buying a motorcycle.

Our love and admiration for each other is as real and valid as anyone else’s in this country.  The amount of time we have spent together has gradually fused us into ONE unit.

We are married dammit!!

While no one can ever take that truth away from us, we should be granted the exact same rights as any other married couple–and I want those rights to be retroactive.  in fifteen more years, I want to say that I’ve been married for thirty. 

It’s funny…the people who feel the need to protect the sanctity of marriage think that gays getting married is like the beginning of the end.  To me it’s the other way around.  Their recent victory is like my beginning of the end.  I’m tired of religion being part of my government.  Get the fuck out of my house!  If you’re going to protect the sanctity of marriage, go hunt down Liz Taylor!  She’s an out-of-control serial marryer!  And while you’re at it, outlaw divorce!  Yeah!  Go round up Julia Roberts and stick her in a house with Lyle Lovitt forever!!  Remember that freaky David Guest guy Liza hooked up with?  Yeah!  Protect that union!  David, Liza, I now pronounce you STUCK TOGETHER FOREVER!!!  HOW DARE YOU VIOLATE THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE WITH YOUR DIVORCE!!  Mohohooahh Ha Ha HAAAAA! 

I put most (not all) religious people in the same category as Sarah Palin–they make me want to hate them.  The vile things done by the church “in the name of Christ” has gotten me to the point where I simply can’t put my faith in their words.  I can’t believe anymore because what I see are all lies and customizing the word of God to fit the ©New Christian agenda.  The bible says it’s wrong to be gay.  It also says that it’s wrong to practice birth control–or masturbate! 

Oh…I am soooo in trouble on that last one.

The bible outlines my relationship with Christ as if I were a lamb and Christ was the Shepard and I’m just supposed to follow him around and do whatever he says.  That is so not me.  I’m a thinker.  I wonder how things work.  I ask analytical questions.  I don’t want to be told how to be and what to do.  I used to just sit there quietly and turn the other cheek about my religious shortcomings apologizing for being gay.  Not anymore!  I’m tired of those lying freak-a-zoid motherfuckers and I will not be silenced!  My marriage is valid.  My partner and I matter to our community and we deserve the respect that we’re entitled to!!!

Got a little Mommy Dearest there, sorry.

The notion that in religion the mere act of thinking about doing something is just as sinful as actually doing it is the world’s biggest mindfuck ever.  Every single time I see an attractive man, before I can even consider my internal thoughts, we’ve already had sex and I’m laying there smoking a cigarette!  In my head of course (and I don’t really smoke cigarettes but it’s a good visual).  There’s no way to control thoughts of lust–they just happen and with me it’s like a perpetual tape loop. 

Sex sex sex sex sex food sex sex sex sex sleep sex sex sex sex martinis sex sex sex sex!

The idea that a passing lustful thought holds the same sinful weight as actually doing it is just warped to me.  It’s an automatic fail as far as sin goes.  You can’t possibly overcome that.  It’s a lose-lose situation.  It’s just a step away from abusive mind control. 

You can’t masturbate, so you don’t, but if you think of it (which you will) you’re sinning just as much as if you did do it.  That explains why the more nutty religious freaks are so uptight.

Perhaps, I should just jump every man I see!  Next time I see a hot guy at the airport, I’m going to create a distraction, shove him in a broom closet and have at it.  I mean, if I’m sinning for thinking it, I may as well do it right?  It’s not like there’s a double sin fee for acting out on the thought.   I’ll politely apologise afterwards of course.  “Sorry bud, take it as a compliment.”

I don’t have the guts to actually do that and I’d probably be beaten to death for even trying.

I don’t think that life is all just a happy accident.  My brain is far too feeble to comprehend what makes up the inner molecular world as well as outer space and beyond.  I can’t answer the “why” in why are we here but I do believe in someone (or something) as a higher power.  I just don’t think it’s a white male Republican (Ms. Palin thinks it’s her).  It’s just so sad that the church itself is exactly what’s driving me away from God (or their version of God).  Hey, if I’m going to burn in hell forever because I’m gay, at least all my friends will be there!

4 Thoughts on “We Already Are!

  1. Nice post, and sooo true.

  2. Amen, brother! You are preacher to the converted Father Cobban!!!

  3. Exactly! These anti-gay/anti-SSM FundaThumpers have their hypocritical heads so deeply implanted up there asses it’ll take dynamite to remove it!

  4. Well said. I especially agree with the “we already are” part. Leon and I feel the same way. Of course the lack of security from not having the legal protections is another story altogether.

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