Last night the fireplace was cracklin’ and the kitty was purring while Ray was clanking around in the kitchen.  The house started to smell really good and the red wind wine was going to my head as Vince Guaraldi’s piano playing tinkled quietly in the background.  There’s no better way to document this than a YouTube clip. . .

6 Thoughts on “A Quiet Evening At Home

  1. When your cat looked up and meowed, that was precious.

    Looks like a lovely evening.

  2. Kitty purring… and the red wind going to your head? I knew it! Meowist!

  3. Oops! I meant Red Wine!

  4. Oh wow…this was our place yesterday exactly. Listening to some soothing music in the background and George in the kitchen, cooking another amazing meal with fresh ingredients. Heaven! Except for the cute purring cat. We don’t have any pets anymore. But otherwise… Are you sure we’re not related somehow, LOL.

  5. Alex on 04/12/2008 at 6:34 AM said:

    I’m sorry… but did that cat meow on cue? What sort of black magic have you conjured that gives you power over a cat? You must be channeling the Cleavers.

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