December 21st has come and gone.  From here on out, the days will start to get longer and warmer (unless you’re in Chicago where it doesn’t get warm until June).

Ray and I celebrated this momentous occasion by sitting in the afternoon sun drinking Maker’s Mark Manhattans–they taste just like Christmas!

It’s not that it gets too cold here (as evidenced by Ray wearing shorts), it’s just that it’s pitch black when you wake up and the sun is pretty much down for the day by the time you get off work.  Now summer is on the way.  We made it past the hump!  Usually by mid February, you can tell the days are getting longer.  I can’t wait!!!

 Below is my interpretive winter solstice sun dance.  I am worshiping the sunset on the shortest day of the year.  What it really shows is just how much of a dork I am.  I added the cloud effects and music with my computer.  I usually do a much better job but I don’t have the right kind of video camera and time was not on my side.  It’s cheesy but what would you expect from me?

4 Thoughts on “The Ultimate Hump Day

  1. >unless you’re in Chicago where it doesn’t get warm until June

    I so didn’t need to be reminded of that right now. I’m not in Chicago at the moment. It’s nowhere near as cold here in Bosts, but we have had about 20″ of snow over the last two days.

  2. That’s here in Boston…

  3. Coole on 22/12/2008 at 11:36 AM said:

    …it’s Gorganzola, Cobban

  4. Dorktastic!

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