Ray and I have a 32 mile round-trip commute to work.  To my urban friends, that may sound ghastly but actually it’s 65 MPH on the highway with a two stop signs.  On these short winter days, we are occasionally treated to a spectacular sunset.  I just happened to have my little camera with me for this one.

I’ve learned how to quickly override my point and shoot into manual settings to achieve the look I want but I miss having a fast *lense and a good camera

I’m really itching to get another professional camera.  I just can’t afford it right now.  I suppose I could have asked Santa for one but…it’s weird, I just don’t need it.  Don’t get me wrong, I want it but I already have a camera that works (it just doesn’t work as well).  I want to start posting more photos on my blog and I’d also like to create some more fun little videos.  The photos and videos I do on here are from my little digital camera so the quality is marginal.  So for now, the whole implementation of multimedia on my blog is going to be from a Lo-Fi perspective which just adds to the charm…I guess.

I’m not feeling very Christmas-like this year.  My niece just texted me asking what I got for Christmas.  I told her that I didn’t get anything and that I didn’t give anything either.  I think she was kind of flabbergasted at the prospect of not celebrating Christmas with presents.  The funny thing is; I’m not missing out–I already have everything a man could possibly want.  Besides, look at the photo!  That’s my commute home!  I live in a beautiful place with a devastatingly handsome man who actually loves me and my little idiosyncrasies.  I can cover my bills and put a teeny bit of income into a retirement plan, the cat gets fed, loved and cared for and I sleep eight hours a night.  I eat great food (thanks to Ray who feeds me very well),  ride a bitchen motorcycle, have sex on a regular basis (even if I am alone sometimes) and sing karaoke in my garage whenever the hell I want.  I like my job, boss and co-workers (most of them).  I’m healthy, work out regularly and even though I’m 43, I don’t look a day over 42.  Do I have a lot of things and make tons of money?  No.  What I do have is gratitude and that makes me very, very happy. 

I do not gauge a man’s wealth by money.  I measure it by the quality of his life and in that regard, I’m the richest man on the planet.  I got what I wanted for Christmas.  I live it every day. 

To my tens of readers: Happy whatever-it-is-you-celebrate!  Let’s all try to pool our collective energies together for a positive healthy happy New Year!! 

It’s all good.

*Ray was telling me that I misspelled lense in this post but according to Wikipedia, the obsolescent spelling lense is sometimes seen, but Merriam-Webster’s medical dictionary is the only major dictionary that considers this to be correct.  Who knew?

7 Thoughts on “The Commute

  1. Oh Cobban, I am so pleased that you are my friend! Happy Manger Day.

  2. Such a nice, satisfying post. I hope that your day was happy.

  3. Excellent post and photo! Happy holidays!

  4. Indeed – we gave each other mostly token stuff here, too, because there’s nothing we really “need” and frankly, we have too much stuff around anyway. Best to the two of you and enjoy the rest of the holiday season.

  5. Ramie on 30/12/2008 at 4:25 PM said:

    I stand corrected, as Wordnet 3.0 from Princeton University also accepts “lense.” Learn something new every day!

  6. I prefer ‘lense’ to ‘lens’ and ‘civilisation’ to ‘civilization,’ although in fancy-writer school there was much argument about the use of ‘cum’ versus ‘come.’

    Can I make such a comment on your blog, or is this a family-friendly shop? Oh right, too late. Sorry Cobban’s family!

  7. I know some of my family members read my blog and I do have a few who are still under the age of 18 however, the best advice I ever got from a writer (I was writer/director Frank Darabont’s assistant on his film The Shawshank Redemption–I know, that was soooo L.A. of me to say that.) was to be honest. Write exactly what you feel. Tell it like you saw it (or heard it) so Rick, you can say whatever the fuck you want as long as it’s not hateful or too hurtful to others…unless it’s Anne Cunter–I mean Coulter.

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