Arrrgh!There is some person out there who needs to be taken out and shot right between the eyes or better yet, have their limbs and other extremities ripped off one by one.  This individual has been using our phone number to set up bad credit accounts.  Since the day our phone was connected three and a half years ago,  we get daily messages for Steve Parra or Sandra Corrall to call <<insert credit collector or law firm here>> right away about an important matter.

For a while, our outgoing voicemail message said no one by those names lived here, but that did not work.  The lawyers and collection agencies would leave nasty messages anyway.  I’m assuming this person is from around here and possibly female because once, while purchasing something at the local Sears, I was asked for my phone number and when I gave it to them Sandra Corall came up.  Even when setting up XM satellite radio, Ms. Sandra was already in their database with our phone number.

If I ever find this person, I’m going to bitch-slap them into tomorrow.

On a related-unrelated note:  While I was at work today, I discovered there is an individual who has set up AOL websites that appear to be our County Assessor’s website from a search engine result.  This asshole capitalizes on the misspelling of the word assessor (assesor).  Yesterday I received a phone call from a man within the county who performed a Google search for our County’s Assesor, saw what looked like a link to our county site, clicked on it and was prompted to download a Microsoft ActiveX component.  After doing so, his computer became infected to the point of inoperability and had to go in for service.  I made several attempts to contact AOL because these sites all start with:  I finally got through to their corporate office and asked for technical assistance.  My call was transferred to voicemail.  So far, I have not heard anything back.  Apparently, this is happening to other people as well.

What a surprise!

I hate Steve, Sandra and AOL.  I really hate the shithead who get’s their kicks by preying on people and their computers.  It’s so “Huhhhuhhh hu uhh…luuk whut I huuhhu…I mayde somfing bad happyn.” 

I had a little fantasy of our County Attorney getting in touch with AOL and actually finding the individual who is doing this and throwing their ass in jail but I quickly realized they would eventually get out on good behavior and get a superhighpaying job with some big computer company.

Perhaps AOL will hire them.

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