Good morning!No matter how crazy my day is, I always go to bed and wake up to something that puts things back into perspective; an incredible sunrise.  The photo on the right is the view from our studio/office/gym.  Just ahead to the east is the Mule Mountain Range.  That’s where Bisbee is located.  How could anyone be in a bad mood after waking up to a view like that?  I am truly blessed. 

Ray and I are off to Lost Angeles for the weekend.  Out tenent from Montefalco will look after the house and cat.  We’re going to check in on our mothers.  Ray’s mom is closing in on 91 and my 77 year-old mother is soon to have her knee replaced.  It’s about a nine-hour drive which is fairly easy and stress free until you pass Palm Springs. 

Palm Springs is about 120 miles from Lost Angeles. The LA sprawl starts right about there.  It’s disgusting.  Fast food places and outlet malls line the freeway and are visible as far as the eye can see.  The blue sky becomes brown.  The road gets more congested.  In no time, my eyes will be burning and I’ll start to feel ill from the smog.  I can’t believe I grew up there and thought that Hollywood was the place to be.  Blek.

Ray and I always make it a point to leave as early as possible on Sunday in an attempt to get back here by the late afternoon.  That way, we have a teeny-tiny little weekend at Stolen Horseshoe.

Gotta run!

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