Last weekend, Ray and I did all sorts of yard work in preparation of Spring.  The Equinox is right around the corner and soon the days will be getting longer and warmer.

I can’t wait!

Part of prepping for the upcoming season involved looking after my fish pond.  I have seven goldfish.  The big guy in the middle of the photo, Gaston, was one of my first.  He must be at least seven years old.  The other fish at the lower left of the photo is also about the same age.  They made it through a few Chicago winters and a cross-country drive in a five gallon bucket.  All the others are new to me.  I got them last year at a local pond place. 

We got the fish pond cleaned up, the fountains going again and Ray trimmed back all the dead stuff from last year.  The best, best part is that we’ve had a steady drizzle all night long and the temp has been in the 70’s so in just a matter of days, things will be popping out all over. 

I have been thrown off my workout schedule a bit.  I’m not happy with what’s going on at the moment.  You see, I was told to not workout as frequently and eat, eat, eat in order to build.  Well, I’m eating more and lifting less frequently (with even more weight) and all I’m seeing is fat, fat, fat.  It’s not a lot of fat but it’s enough to be alarming.  The gain-fat to gain-muscle ratio is not working in my favor.  I’m one of those lucky people who gains weight in his neck first.  If I add a few pounds to my frame, I instantly start sporting a meat-beard on my already elongated oval Nordic face.   Not a pretty sight. 

The good thing is that I can lose the fat quickly with my high metabolism.  I think I’m just going to resign myself to the fact that I’m ectomorphic and will probably always have a lean, trim physique.  While I still enjoy a good workout, I’m just not bulking up.  At least I sleep better, I’m happy and my sex drive is at full steam (which is probably the last thing I need–especially now that Spring is coming).

I was just kind of hoping I would bulk up fast like Ray does.  

I have to hit the shower.  Going to work half day and then to Tucson for a follow-up with the skin cancer doc.

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