Last night Ray and I drove up to our friend Terry’s place to attend her Full Moon Gathering.  There were several people we’d never met before as well as some friends we had not seen for quite some time.  

The wine was flowing and the food was cooking.  It was a really nice time and the moon was beautiful–one of those nights where I remember why I love Arizona.  It’s good to get out and do something mid-week.  Kinda breaks the monotony of the regular work week.  We were glad to be part of the celebration.  I just wished we could have stayed longer.  

I took my new camera and shot a gazillion photos.  Of course low lighting and movement were obstacles I had to work with.  I just hate using a flash!  

Here is a slide show:

You can go directly to my Flickr account to get high-rez photos by clicking here.

5 Thoughts on “Full Moon Gathering / Laughing Wolf Ranch

  1. Living in the middle of nowhere is sometimes exactly where I want to be. You couldn’t have had that night in Chicago or San Francisco. The photos are made of the awesome. Who is the painfully beautiful man that looks just like Ray? Oh, right. Never mind.

  2. We too saw the moon rising over Frenchman Mountain yesterday evening as we were driving home from our jog through the park. It was beautiful. Did I have a camera with me? Of course not! Argh!!!!!

    Your photos are amazing. Looks like you all had a really wonderful time.

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Maura Main on 15/03/2009 at 10:39 AM said:

    These photos took my breath away!

  5. Ray’s woolier beard is woofy.

    I’m bummed I’m not down there for a visit this year. I’m totally out of leave time with this new job, and my only regret leaving the old one is the looong spring break I always got off. No more spring break for me with the non-university job.

    So you’ll both have to drink an extra glass of wine for me tonight.

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