Moo!Most all of where we live used to be ranching land that’s been sectioned off into parcels for home sale.  There is a little stretch on our street still used for grazing.  Yesterday on our way home from work, one of the cows got out and was wandering up and down the road.  There were a few big old trucks and weathered ranchers blocking the area trying to get the cow back into the field.  The poor thing was quite confused and all the other cows on the other side of the barbed-wire fence were running back and forth excitedly.

Have you ever seen a cow run?

There were two trucks on either side of the road driving up slowly and a man with a stick waving his arms wildly making noise to herd the cow back through the gate.  Up ahead were a few other trucks and what looked like a horse trailer parked off to the side with some other ranchers standing around blocking the area.

At one point a man on a four-wheel ATV drove through the center of the two slow moving trucks making it impossible for the cow to turn around.  All the other cows were getting worked up into a frenzy.  I swear it was like a scene from Babe.  In my head I could hear the other cows yelling, “Run back through the gate Mable! Run back over here!”

She must have heard them because she finally ran back through the gate into the field joining the other cows while a ranch hand shut the gate.  You could see the smiles on the rancher’s faces.  I was quite a scene.

The trucks cleared out of the way and Ray drove through, leading the line of cars that had backed up behind us.  That was our traffic jam on our evening commute.

I love living here.

4 Thoughts on “Damn Traffic

  1. How do you two cope with all that “stress” out in the country? Just too much damn excitement, LOL.

  2. I am so glad you escaped the wild stampede.

  3. A cow running is what I call “galumphing”, truly funny.

    I was staying at a cottage in Normandy France RIGHT next to a farm with a large herd of cows. They headed back to the side of the property we were next to at about 9pm and it was so funny to see them just nonchalantly watching us through the windows.

  4. You get to have all the fun. I’m really missing SE AZ at the moment.

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