Huw, Cobban, Ray and EricHuw and Eric came down to visit from Phoenix.  We had a fabulous time eating delicious treats and drinking Cosmopolitans while splashing around in the pool.  It was fun showing the guys around Bisbee and the weather was in full cooperation. 

Huw is Welsh and has a great accent that I have to bite my tongue to keep from imitating.  Eric is American and charmingly droll.  We spent hours conversing about everything under the sun and laughing at Eric’s stories–mostly the ones involving his sister. 

The guys frequently travel to London and since international travel is not in my near future, it’s my surrogate experience to hear their stories of where they’ve been and friends they’d visited.  As our conversations continued, I sort of realized my life has indeed slowed down as a result of leaving Chicago.  Ray and I don’t just jet off anymore.  It’s not that easy.  For a split second, there was a pang of sadness.  It quickly subsided when I realized, we live here at Stolen Horseshoe and were getting our euro-travel fix through our guests.  I had forgotten how much I missed fellowship with other gay men until a couple of them showed up at my doorstep.

We had a fun time visiting with Huw and Eric and look forward to seeing them again.

3 Thoughts on “Can I use your sunscreen?

  1. eirc on 03/09/2007 at 6:51 PM said:

    Had a great time with the horseshoe ranch dwellers, got to presleep and felt grand upon returning to Phoenix. Cobban and Ray are wonderful hosts…


    i am still presleeping, but looking great for it… now I have to figure out how to have my cosmo with this schedule..

  2. So many handsome men in one place!

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