Something has breached my bio security system.  It started two days ago.  Crampy sour stomach, major muscle ache and chills.  Slept all afternoon yesterday.  I think I’m on the mend.  I hate feeling sick. (Who doesn’t?)

Going to force myself to jog and go to work.

At least it seems to be going away whatever it is.

Just got back from my jog.  Was running past a neighbor’s house.  He was out having coffee with his dogs in the yard.  One of them came running at me across the road while I was jogging.  It was barking and nipping at my ankles while I was trying not to trample over it.  I looked up at the neighbor and he was chuckling saying “He he he…sorry.” 

What an asshole.

Ray told me that the guy is frequently out there and the dog does that all the time.  Next time I’m running and I accidentally stomp on little the dog’s neck I’ll say the same thing.

On a positive note: It’s the Friday before a three-day weekend!!  Ray and I are going to have some visitors from Phoenix and I’m really looking forward to pool lounging, good food and adult beverages.  Where’s my camera?

2 Thoughts on “Blechhhh

  1. Cobban, honey, you can tolerate your neighbor – he’s not even within eyesight of your house! Now imagine if the crackwhores 2 units down (i.e. 20′ away) the street had an argument at 11pm that sounded like 40 people shouting and screaming, in a most Jerry Springer like fashion, with 3 cop cars right outside your house. That should put things in perspective.

  2. Jimbo, not only did you put things back into perspective, you reminded me why we left the big city. LOL. Ohh, my neighbor’s little dog was barking at me!

    I guess that’s much better than hearing five gunshots in rapid succession from the drive-by murder a few blocks up the street. (That actually happened in Chicago.)

    Thanks for the reality check. 🙂

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