dsc_0027So he snores sometimes.  He can’t help it.  I lay there in the dark trying to tune into my white noise machine.  It doesn’t work so I get up and make my way into the kitchen before turning on the computer in the office. Do I make coffee first or do I sit in the dark and let my eyes adjust to the glowing computer monitor?  Making coffee is like a real commitment to waking up but really, what are my chances of crawling back into bed at 5:08 in the morning for another 45 minutes of sleep?  What if he’s still snoring?

I make coffee.

The sky is already showing signs of light.  I love this time of year.   Longer days, warmer weather.  I just wish the fucking wind would die down a bit.  Believe it or not folks, we have a windy season here in Arizona and where we live it’s horrendous.   The style of our house is not exactly what one would call low profile.  The wind assaults out outer walls creating a low, never ending sub-sonic rumble.  It’s like we’re aboard a spaceship.

Fortunately it is no longer windy.  (OK, so I’m returning to this post more than a week after I started writing it so let’s fast-forward a bit.)  Summer is clearly on its way, the mesquite trees have a slight green hue to them and the sound of birds fill the morning air.  The coffee is kicking in and my senses are awakening!

We have a lot going on these next few days.  Tonight, an Evening with Patti LuPone and Mandy Patinkin–choreographed by Tony Award-winner Anne Reinkingin in Tucson (can’t wait!).   Tomorrow our friend Cathy is arriving from Chicago (and I’m going to rehearse a bit with my friend Renee for, you guessed it, Saturday karaoke).  Speaking of karaoke, on Friday I’m going to participate in a singing contest.  There is a fundraiser for the local homeless shelter.  It’s for charity so why not, right?  Wish me luck.  And then Sunday,  Steve Poltz is coming to town…well sort of.  Mr. Poltz is going to play at my friend’s house with like, sixty plus people which in the long run, is going to be way more fun and intimate.  But I digress…


The best part about the busy schedule is being able to get back to the gym.  Ray and I were in California last weekend so I’m jonesing for a good workout.  I’ve had the good fortune to be able to use the two gyms at Fort Huachuca with my buddy Eric.

Eric is former military, very muscular and he’s been acting as my personal trainer for free and I can’t thank him enough for the help he has given me.  I am very, very greatful for his assistance.  Not to mention, he’s a really nice person and fun to talk to–while he’s kicking my butt.

Since I started working out with Eric, I have seen improvement on my body (and I can hardly move a muscle until Wednesday).  I’ve always been trim and without definition.  Now things seem to be bulking up for me but I still have a long way to go.  (Of course the calorie-laden Marker’s Mark Manhattan isn’t exactly good for the diet so…I’m just going to say it’s a special whey protein drink.  With a sugary maraschino cherry in it.)

The photo was taken yesterday evening.  The pool was 88 degrees!  Summer is around the corner and that makes me very, very happy.

Next up, I have to work up a nice long ride on the motorcycle–after a long ass-kicking workout of course.

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