Me ‘n my bike.Ray had a couple of appointments this morning so I rode my bike to work.  It was awesome driving in but even better going home.  I took the long way home over the Hereford Road bridge.  The sun was low, the shadows long and the road had nice curves on it.  This is definitely a great place to ride.  I only saw one other car on the road. 

I ride a 1988 Suzuki Katana 1100.  It weights about 550 pounds and can go up to 150 MPH–not that I ever go that fast.  I’d like to get a street cruiser someday as opposed to the *crotch rocket I have.  It’s a little tiresome on the wrists leaning forward for a long time.  Not that I’m complaining.  This bike does just fine.  🙂

*In Latin terms: Crotchus Rocketus.

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  1. Wurf.

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