Ray and I are off to Chicago today and will be there for the rest of the week.  I’m going to bring the laptop and attempt to blog remotely. 

I totally can’t wait to see old friends, eat good food and party.  There is a group in particular that I used to work with at an Internet consulting firm called Zefer back in the old dot-com heyday.  I am always especially excited to see the Zefer peeps.  One of them–Kerry, who is Welsh (what is it with me and cute Welsh men?)–created this great site called ClubFly

ClubFly is a free beta web-based application that helps you to find gay venues by entering a zip code or city name and getting the results fast in a mapping format. Tags help to categorize the venue and users can add their reviews.

You can even get driving directions!

This is perfect for someone like me going back to Chicago because I’ve not been there for over three years and have no idea where the new gay bars and clubs are.  It’s also great for traveling to a new destination.

Thanks Kerry!

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