Yes We Did!


  1. steve

    That was a scream.

  2. Pat!

    WOW!! Perfect!!

  3. Dawn

    you freakin’ crack me up! I love you!

  4. DougT

    Thanks. I needed that.

  5. Coole

    …did Ray check for snakes first?…Coole

  6. Cobban

    I was already dancing around so much that I scared every snake (and Mexican border crosser) away.

  7. Jim

    And he dances too…wow. Call the people at “Dancing with the Stars,” LOL.

    Yup, we did it! YEAH! Good job! Go Obama! Go Cobban!

    By the way, do you do any rain dancing? We could use some rain up here in Nevada.

  8. Alice


  9. ~jess~

    Forwarded onto my LJ (

    Amused that my “target words” for the reCaptcha thing below are “collectively wiser”… maybe we’re getting there, eh?

  10. Brian

    You are crazy! I love it.

  11. homer

    You made me laugh.

  12. DougT

    I ran your video again this morning and it still cracked me up- so much so that I linked to it from my blog. Still smiling.

  13. Cobban

    Thanks Doug! By all means, link away. Spread the word.

  14. Erik Rubright

    That made me laugh and cry (the good kind) at the same time.

  15. Lemuel

    Yea, verily!!

  16. cedrorum

    Clicked over from DougTs. Absolutely the best video I’ve seen in a while.

  17. Curtis

    I loved that!

  18. Gallicissa

    Fantastic choreography!

  19. rodger

    That was hysterical…and a little depressing. You’re wearing a t-shirt and have sunshine while I sit here in the cold rain. At least Obama’s win is a ray of warm sunshine.

    Here via Doug.

  20. the steffensons

    Mary, Rachael, Brian, Gretchen, Jim, Katelyn, Tyler, Norm, kevin. From Chicago we were cheering you on dancing in Palominas for Obama.
    It warmed our hearts on a cold night in the frigid north

    We love you both

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