The Perseid meteor shower is going on right now and it peaks tonight.  I am determined to get a photo of it.

There are two digital cameras in this house.  One is a trusty Canon PowerShot SD400 and the other is an Olympus Camedia E-20n.  The Olympus is an SLR and can be set to automatically shoot one photo per minute.  With the aperture wide open and a series of 45 to 60 second exposures, there should be some recording of celestial activity especially given the fact that it’s a new moon, I’m in the middle of nowhere with incredible visibility and this is a big shower.

Carl and I sat out for a while last night and saw some activity.  I had the camera set up all night shooting photos but alas, there were just a few hundred shots of the starry night sky.  I think I need to set the exposure for a longer duration.

Splash!Yesterday Carl and I splashed around in the pool all day.  It was perfectly hot and sunny.  Today we’re going to hang out in Old Bisbee while Ray does some work on Montefalco.  (I’m looking forward to going out there so I can get some shots of the house for my site.) 

When Carl first arrived on Friday, we went out to dinner at a Lebanese place with Homer in Tucson.  I ordered a shish-ka-bob sampler plate which was a mistake because it was huge and comprised mostly of meat.  I hardly ever eat meat–especially steak.  It felt like I ate a bowling ball!

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